National Teen Driver Safety Week

The National Teen Driver Safety Week is an awareness campaign designed to encourage teenagers to be responsible drivers. The week also addresses parents who have to take the responsibility of educating their teenage sons and daughters about safe driving. The week is centered on the “5 to drive” program.

The “5 to drive” campaign raises awareness for the top 5 most common accident causes for teenage drivers:

  1. No drinking and driving. The minimum drinking age in all states is 21 and teenagers caught drunk at the wheel risk losing their license or worse.
  2. No texting or using a cell phone while driving. This causes distracted driving and can lead to serious accidents.
  3. No driving with a seatbelt. More than 55% of the teenagers killed in crashes did not wear their seatbelt.
  4. No speeding. Statistics show that speeding kills as more than 42% of the crashes in which teenagers died were caused by speeding.
  5. No extra passengers. Teenagers are more likely to driver recklessly if they exceed the passengers limit allowed for a vehicle.

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new start

I went to log into my web sites the other day and poof…error after error. Ugh, what to do? I went down all the normal paths…database, passwords, etc.

Well I looked to my backups and everything appeared correct so I had data to move back too…but why? I had planned on a “pivot” of my blogs for some time and this might be the hint to make that now and not later.

So on all of my blogs I am starting over with a new focused direction and great content to provide. This will include new links to other networks as well. So I hope you stick around and follow me on this exciting new path.